Lamp Repair Shuttle Service on Wednesdays

Here at Michael's Lamps, we understand that—during these difficult times—we are all having to take precautions and do things out of our ordinary routine. Therefore, every Wednesday, we are offering pickup and delivery for most of your lamp repair needs.

Beginning Wednesday, August 5th, we will pick up or drop off your lamp repairs for a small fee.

Call now to enquire! 612-926-9147

Michael's Lamp Studio

Michael's lamps has been a staple in Minneapolis, Minnesota, surrounding communities, and all throughout the midwest since 1972. For the last 48 years, we have tried to provide the best in customer service, lighting, and lamp supplies as for the best in all types of lamp repair and services for your home. With the largest selection of shades in the midwest, full-service lamp repair, and restoration, and an extensive display of lamps, ceiling fixtures, wall sconces, from new to old, antique and modern. We come up with some pretty cool creations of our own. We can make lamps out of just about anything. Please look at our many selections and check knot some of the cool stuff we have from our expansive inventory. From online ordering, phone orders for deliveries and pick up ups for all your special needs we will go out of our way to be sure your experience with us is the best possible.

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